• Working with Emily Bolt

    Working with Emily Bolt

    The photography behind The Campbell Collective is so important for sharing the creations our wonderful artists produce.  And the woman behind the lease for our Flat Lays, Styled Shoots, and Headshots is Greenville-based photographer Emily Bolt.  

    Emily Bolt Photography

    Emily Bolt, our in-house photographer for The Campbell Collective

    Emily has been working with us since The Campbell Collective began four years ago, and her keen eye has been an integral part of our brand.  

    Flat Lay Emily Bolt

    Flat Lays by Emily Bolt

    Headshot by Emily Bolt

    The Campbell Collective Team Headshot by Emily Bolt 

    Interior Styled Shot by Emily Bolt

    Interior Styled Shot by Emily Bolt 

    Thank you Emily for being an important part of our team, our voice, and a catalyst for sharing the creatives we endorse!