The Campbell Collective

The Campbell Collective is an online marketplace of original art brought to you by Amanda Louise Campbell and Marquin Campbell. The collective begins with works on paper from different artists, created in standard frame sizes to provide an array of artwork for your home. New artists will be introduced each month, adding to an already diverse collection of works. Amanda Louise and Marquin share immense passion for supporting local artists and intend for this collection to spread that same passion to the walls of your home in a bright and colorful way.

Kati Sellers


Whitney McGregor

Laddie Neil

Lindsey McCord

Glory Day

Shelby Leigh

Jennifer Allevato

Polly Jones

Annie Koelle

Laurie Buck


Laddie Neil

Mary Singleton

Kelsey Livingston

Libby Baxter

Katie Schermbeck

Kristina Hoover

Eden Flora

Holly Young

Maggie Grace

Tara Andris

Emily Barbee

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Artist Release | The Campbell Collective | Lindsey McCord

Artist Release | The Campbell Collective | Lindsey McCord
Today we are introducing several new faces but the most important is Lindsey McCord! Lindsey is a life-long crafter and artist from rural Georgia. After years of content creation, branding and DIY action she picked up her paintbrush and revisited her roots in fashion illustration! Nowadays you can find her with baby Lulu in tow, painting in her home studio in Atlanta!
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