Fall 2023 AtHome Magazine Feature 

Marquin Campbell The Campbell Collective

“Our end goal is to make collecting as accessible as possible,” adds the Greenville entrepreneur, who built her all-female group of creatives over time, starting with good friends. “From the price point to the fact that it’s all original works on paper—which is very different from any gallery that I have seen out there. The future isn’t big, heavy, traditional art that is left up all decade long. It’s smaller, more accessible works of art that can be swapped out yearly or even seasonally.”


     We are so thrilled to have been featured in the April 2022 edition of Southern Living Magazine.  The text reads, 'The Campbell Collective: Founded by Greenville, South Carolina, designer Amanda Louise Campbell and artist Marquin Campbell the virtual gallery's monthly releases feature original works from a host of female artists, including local talents like Maggie Grace and Laddie Neil.'