• The Campbell Collective | The Artists

    The Campbell Collective | The Artists

    Well guys, we owe you all a big apology... we have strung you along for weeks now about The Campbell Collective release but we have good news... WE. ARE. LIVE. That means we have 7 artists worth of unbelievably gorgeous paper works for sale on the website as we speak. If you missed our intro to TCC back in March you can find it here. Today we want to give credit where credit is due... to our April artists, of course! Let's begin, shall we?

    Harrison Blackford is an abstract and impressionist artist, who believes there can never be enough color on a canvas. She enjoys using energetic colors and vibrant hues to inspire a work of art. Harrison is captivated by the fact that a single painting can illuminate a space and tie an entire room together. Her passionate use of color and expressive paint strokes evoke her personality into each one of her paintings. 

    Harrison grew up in Spartanburg, South Carolina and developed a deep interest in the arts and interior design at an early age. Later, studying art history and art at the University of the South: Sewanee, she continued to seek inspiration from historic artists as well as current artists of today. Harrison currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina and enjoys nothing more than a beautiful South Carolina day, windows up in her studio, and paint on her canvas

    Most days you can find Hillary Butler working away in the studio creating bold and colorful oil abstracts.  A rambling art major turned English major,  English teacher turned admin assistant, graphic designer turned artist kinda journey took her to her career as an artist. Hillary's a podcast junkie, lover of long dinners with good friends and Sunday afternoons with a good book. She lives and works in Memphis, TN with her husband David and two boys. 

    Holly Young has always been a creative and artistic person. After graduating with a BFA, she then focused my studies on Interior Decorating. Holly works out of a studio in her home which allows her to paint at any time of the day, and refill her cup of tea as needed. Holly is lucky to have a very supportive husband, two energetic daughters and a Maremma Sheepdog named Biggie.

    Holly’s creative process in the studio is often unplanned, it's a moment by moment evolving process. Geometric shapes of color combine with bold patterns to create dynamic compositions.

    The combination of lines, texture and pattern inspire her work and she is influenced by moments in daily life. Color is a boundless part of Holly’s process, seeking to explore combinations that intrigue the senses and reveal the unexpected.
    Kathleen Jones got her start as a high school art teacher before taking a leap of faith and becoming a full time artist. Her work explores a balance of painterly strokes, pattern, and shape, creating a unique combination of both traditional and modern. Kathleen currently resides in Macon, GA with her husband and two pups.
    Laddie Neil is a painter from Greenville, SC. Drawing inspiration from the natural spaces around her, southern landscapes are where her paintbrushes tend to go. From the coastal waters of the Edisto marshes, to the open fields of green Appalachian trails, she finds the peaceful moments within those places and explores them. She invites her viewer into a sanctuary of serenity and lets them rest. When not painting she enjoys spending time with her family, running on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and trying to become a wannabe Bon Appetit' magazine chef.

    Marquin Campbell, who is an integral partner at TCC (aka making this whole thing happen), is also an artist in our first release! Marquin is a designer and painter originally from Savannah, Georgia and now lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

    She studied Drawing and Painting at The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia and went on to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in New York City. While in school she had very formative creative experiences studying abroad in both Cuba and Italy.

    While classically trained, Marquin’s current work is a more contemporary palette and subject matter.  Most of her inspiration comes from the coast, and she draws upon the memories of her childhood home on an island outside of Savannah, Georgia. 

    Mary Singleton is an artist living and working in New Orleans. She is known for her bright, Fauvist-influenced, contemporary and figurative floral paintings. Drawing her inspiration from both the tropical Flora of New Orleans, everyday lives and images collected along the way. Mary describes her artworks as a “a dialogue between the vivid surroundings of New Orleans, its eclectic inhabitants and the mutual influence upon one another."

    While at LSU she received the nomination to attend Yale Norfolk and the Baton Rouge Art League's annual scholarship. Mary received a BFA from Louisiana State University. She currently spends her time painting in her studio, collecting plants and spending time with those dearest to her.

    That's everyone! Now that you have been introduced to the artists, it's time to introduce your walls to their lovely pieces. Run, don't walk, to the website, click the link for The Campbell Collective page, and fill your cart! One for you, one for you mom, one for you BFF, and another for you.