• The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Tara Andris

    The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Tara Andris

    Today's forecast is looking fabulous because today we add Tara Andris's collection of paintings inspired by the ever-changing skies! Tara is a Maryland-based artist who spent her childhood wandering through art museums with her mother. These experiences sparked her love for art and today she carries on the same tradition with her own family!

    Tara's preferred mediums are watercolors and oils with an occasional appearance by delicate and beautiful metallic leaf.  The way she is able to capture the colors, textures, and grace of the skies is truly inspired!

    Now on the shop are ten beautiful oil and metal leaf paintings on paper. These lovelies range from 5x7 to 16x24. We are so grateful Tara took on the challenge of painting on paper and are in love with how they turned out -- we have no doubt you will feel the same!