• The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Shelby Leigh Kizer

    The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Shelby Leigh Kizer
    Today we introduce Mississippi artist, Shelby Leigh Kizer! Putting her love of art on the backburner for years, Shelby Leigh took a leap and decided to take a drawing class in college where she gained a new understanding of art that she says allowed her to "scribble unapologetically, make mistakes, experiment, and create art that is unique to me." 
    The art that Shelby Leigh has created is filled with character, color, purpose and one-of-a-kind goodness! The collection she has chosen to share with us all was inspired by everyday moments and the extraordinary moments in between. Shelby Leigh's 'Memory Collection' derived from a sketchpad of loose landscapes she jotted down on a boat ride in the Mississippi marshlands. Shelby Leigh states, 
    " Everything just seemed right. I was surrounded by my mom, dad and husband on this perfect afternoon soaking in the last moments of light and the crisp salt air. As I brought out my sketch pad to attempt to capture the moment, it was like no color I was seeing could replicate that feeling of pure bliss. I was caught between enjoying the moment and wanting to capture it on paper. I chose to enjoy the moment, so in turn, I ended up with vague pencil sketches of the landscape. "
    Shelby Leigh didn't know if she would ever return to the sketches, fearing they were 'too vague.' Turning to the same sketch pad from the boat ride for inspiration, Shelby Leigh actually ended up working off the sketches and found that the memories and feelings from that special moment came flooding back with every stroke. 
    The end result was beautiful (as you can see!) and the artist ended up with a full collection of 'colorful, nostalgic paintings.'  Shelby Leigh's hope is that these pieces will take you back to your own blissful memories!
    We are sure you will be moved and, as always, can't wait to see these incredible pieces find their homes!