• The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Polly Jones

    The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Polly Jones

    We are so excited to welcome Texas artist, Polly Jones to The Campbell Collective with a collection of still life watercolors on paper ready to add a little happy to your space.

    Polly finds beauty in the quiet moments around her -- whether a bowl of fruit, vase of tulips, or cup of tea and we love how her works makes us slow down and appreciate these little moments. Pollys work usually encompasses the use of collage and acrylic but we have a special collection of watercolor studies just for TCC.

    These pieces capture all the things you hear us praise over and over: color, pattern, texture, and light. And as if that wasnt enough, the subjects of this collection are citrus, tea, and flowers (basically the trifecta of everything needed to help us feel right at home). Add in some blue and white china and you literally have zero reasons NOT to need these lovelies on your wish lists.

    Luckily, you can shop Polly’s watercolor studies on the shop page now and we are so excited to see where these end up!


    Amanda Louise + Marquin