• The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Kristina Hoover

    The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Kristina Hoover

    Bold texture and timeless color palettes make today's new release truly remarkable but this artist's process is what makes this collection unlike anything you've seen in the shop. Kristina Hoover incorporates a reduction woodcut process. This detailed process is a form of printmaking and everything is printed in a limited edition batch!

    In the reduction process, Kristina uses a single block of wood. She starts by drawing on the block then carving away any "negative space". She then rolls the entire block in the first color and presses paper on top of the block to transfer the ink to the paper. Next she carves away what she'd like to stay the color she has just transferred. Then it is on to the next color, more careful carving, and the process continues until the image is complete! 
    Kristina states, "I don't align myself with one specific type of art genre. I'm not an abstract artist, although I do love working abstract. I'm not a landscape or portrait artist, even though I've made some of those too. I create a little bit of everything, and I just consider myself a printmaker."
    Since first falling in love with printmaking nearly 15 years ago, Kristina has truly fallen head over heels with the process since she began to make it her own. The physicality and repetition have become therapeutic as Kristina has mastered the art.

    Currently residing in Florida, Kristina is inspired by the state's lush landscape and this is most definitely reflected in her collection. Kristina has created a beautiful collection of work with one of our all time favorite subject matters -- citrus! Citrus is not only a part of our logo but it's also a part of our mantra Historically, citrus has been used to represent wealth and, sadly, original art also carries the stigma that says it's only for the rich. Our passion is to bring you accessible, quality pieces of art that you can add to your homes. Today we invite you take a slice of Kristina Hoovers citrus to collect + love forever!