• The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Juliet Meeks

    The Campbell Collective | Artist Release | Juliet Meeks

    Just in time for summer's last hoorah we've got a treat for you... floral bouquets via New Orleans artist, Juliet Meeks! However, don't be fooled, these blooms will carry you through the fall and winter months too. Juliet uses a combination of watercolor and acrylic to create her cheerful flower originals that have been transformed into products for the likes of Anthropologie. 

    We are so honored to have a special collection of original paper pieces for you all in an array of color schemes sure to catch your eye and add a bit of happy no matter what your favorite hues happen to be. Juliet's florals are sure to be fan-favorites and would make fantastic gifts or additions to any gallery wall, night stand, nursery, laundry room, breakfast nook, you name it. 

    Be sure to head over to the shop and take home a bouquet of your own!
    The Campbell Collective