• The Campbell Collective | An Introduction

    The Campbell Collective | An Introduction

    It's about time to introduce you all formally to a new little endeavor our team has taken on, along with our good friend, Marquin Campbell. In Mid-April we will be launching The Campbell Collective as an extension of Amanda Louise Interiors.

    If you’ve been around for a bit, you know that we are passionate about art and connecting our followers, friends and clients with it. So, The Campbell Collective will live here on the Amanda Louise Interiors website, and will be an ever-changing source for you to purchase great art for your home. We are starting out by offering paper pieces from 7 artists in ready-made frame sizes, making it super easy to get an array of work up on your walls. We will have periodic in-person events and will introduce different artists bi-monthly!

    We couldn’t be more excited because we believe that collecting art is a great way to support small businesses and is one of the best ways to bring personality into your home! In fact, our logo is based on the idea that whole citrus has long been used in art historically to represent high social status. We believe that great art should be accessible to all, so we sliced up that citrus and think everyone should have a piece!

    But enough talk, let's take a peek at some of the lovely artists and the pieces that will be available in just a few short weeks...

    Photos by Emily Bolt

    You know you need these in your home so be on the lookout, April is just days away! We hope you are as pumped as we are!