• Artist Release | 'Vereen Gardens' by Audrey Gore

    Artist Release | 'Vereen Gardens' by Audrey Gore
    We are wrapping up the end of March with a lovely release of landscapes from mixed-media artist, Audrey Gore!
    Audrey's expressive, ‘Vereen Gardens’ collection is a colorful and fresh take on landscapes that would be a great addition to any space.
    The artist states, "When visiting family back home on the coast, we frequent the beautiful Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens. The 115 acre gardens are a hidden gem with trails that guide you to the salt marshes along the Intracoastal Waterway. As I wander through the coastal forest paths, I enjoy the dappled light and the beauty of the lush landscape surrounding me. These enchanting gardens hold special meaning to me and my family.

    With this series, my aim is to simplify my work. I intentionally have selected oil pastels and colored pencils to achieve a more loose effect—maintaining the focus on the mark making while creating layered texture. Each work captures the way I view and experience colors in the world."
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