• Artist Release | 'Vereen Gardens' by Audrey Gore

    Artist Release | 'Vereen Gardens' by Audrey Gore

    We are inspired by Audrey Gore's new collection, ‘Vereen Gardens’!

    Created using oil pastels and colored pencils, each piece is expressive, colorful, and textured—leaving us with a sense of wonder. 

    Landscape painting displayed on a tabletop next to a lamp.
    The artist states, “I returned home to the coast to visit our families this past winter. On a sunny day we took to Vereen Memorial Historical Gardens. The 115 acre gardens are a hidden gem with trails that guide you to the salt marshes along the Intracoastal Waterway. As I made my way through the coastal forest paths, I noticed the dappled light and the beauty of the lush landscape surrounding me. These gardens share a sense of calm that only nature can provide.” 
    Each of these works were created using oil pastels and colored pencils on French, cream paper.
    Shop the collection here and discover which pieces speak to you!