• Artist Release | 'The Oranges of Santa Maria de la Valldigna' by Erin Hughes

    Artist Release | 'The Oranges of Santa Maria de la Valldigna' by Erin Hughes
    We are delighted to treat you to Erin Hughes' newest collection today!
    These sunny oranges would be a lovely addition to your kitchen, dining room or really just about anywhere in your home! Each piece in this collection features delicate deckled edges and is painted with layers of oil and cold wax on Arches paper.
    Painting of oranges hanging in-between two kitchen windows.
    The artist states, “Last June, my mom and I took my oldest daughter to Valencia, Spain to celebrate her graduation from High School. We escaped the city one day to visit the Monastery of Santa Maria de la Valldigna. This 13th-century monastery was formed by the Cistercian monks who were later forced to abandon it in 1835. Thankfully, this treasure is now being restored by the Spanish government. Hundreds of orange trees fill the courtyards and surrounding areas. They were dripping with dew and tasted like a little slice of heaven! It was a beautiful day as we walked through the trees in quiet awe of the lives spent here. Original frescoes remain on some of the walls and I just knew I had to attempt to translate what it felt like to be in this contemplative space. The Valencia Oranges collection strives to capture the abundance of the oranges as well as the love that emanates from the monastery."
    Discover the collection here.