• Artist Release | 'The Fragments Collection' by Erin Hughes

    Artist Release | 'The Fragments Collection' by Erin Hughes

    Give a warm welcome to a new Campbell Collective artist, Erin Hughes! Erin is a photographer and painter based in Greenville, South Carolina.

    A moment in time spent on the beach, captured forever in this exquisite series. A beautiful addition to any art collection.

    Encaustic wax art layered on the floor. 

    The artist states, “As I walk along the beach, I bend down to pick up a shell. I hold it in my hand, rubbing the surface like a prayer stone, wondering how so many shells under my feet can all be so unique. I tuck the shell in my bag to carry home to remind me of this time, this breeze, this light, and this sand. The seashells, rocks, shark's teeth, and flowers we collect...all stored away in boxes, pressed in journals, and stacked in jars in the hopes that a physical fragment of the landscape will secure the memory in our hearts.

    Each piece of The Fragments Collection is made up of two pieces of archival cardboard bound together to create a horizon line. Then, with layers of graphite, encaustic medium, and oils, the landscape evolves... a reminder of the importance of place and time. A small fragment of memory to treasure until the next adventure." 

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