• Artist Release | 'The Beautiful Chaos' by Valerie Dumas

    Artist Release | 'The Beautiful Chaos' by Valerie Dumas
    It's release day and we're introducing you to Valerie Dumas, a brand new artist with The Campbell Collective!
    Valerie's vibrant abstract works are certainly a treat for the eye! Style a piece from the collection in your office, gym, breakfast nook or in any space that you would like to feel brighter and more energetic.
    Bright and vivid abstract paintings all layered on the floor together.
    The artist states, "Embark on a visual journey through "The Beautiful Chaos," a captivating colection of 12 art pieces inspired by the profound words of Atticus:' It was her chaos that made her beautiful.' As a small business owner, artist, and mother, I found deep resonance in this sentiment. Each piece in this collection reflects the myriad directions we are pulled in our daily lives. Yet, amid the chaos, there's a poignant reminder that at the end of the day, we can reflect and marvel at the beauty within the unpredictability of life. Join me in celebrating the artistry that merges from life's intricate tapestry and let 'The Beautiful Chaos' become a cherished part of your own journey."
    Visit here to collect your favorite!