• Artist Release | 'Sunflower Fields' by Mallory Hillis

    Artist Release | 'Sunflower Fields' by Mallory Hillis
    Mallory Hillis has us chasing after the sun today with her cheerful and mood boosting collection of sunflower fields!
    Sunflower paintings grouped together.
    These paintings capture the sunflower's nature to follow the sun and the wide open fields that they thrive within. Each piece shares its own special story and meaning.
    The artist states, “Every August, the world is gifted a brief visit by the sunflower. Golden yellows dance against minty sage greens as if in celebration saying, "Summer, linger a little longer." They turn towards the sun, reminding us to do the same—our gaze directed onto the Creator of life itself. They spread pure joy wherever they go, whether against a barn or cottage backdrop, in an open field, or standing tall alone. Historical artists have studied the sunflower and marveled at its beauty through the years, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to wield another brush delighting in their existence."
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