• Artist Release | 'Rising Tides Collection' by Sam Chappell

    Artist Release | 'Rising Tides Collection' by Sam Chappell
    We're thrilled to be sharing today's inspiring release by artist, Sam Chappell with you all! 
    This collection is focused heavily on a sea of blues and greens with warm pops of color in the under paintings. Sam's unique paint strokes brings energy and texture to these coastal landscapes.
    Coastal landscape paintings
    The artist states, “The Rising Tides Collection is an ode to the peak of summer, when everything is completely saturated; the landscape is at its greenest, the water is warm and welcoming, and we're all just searching for a cool spot of shade to take in the view from."
    Explore the collection here, and bring the peace and tranquility that nature has to offer into your space.