• Artist Release | 'Mother & Child' by Jamie Dawson

    Artist Release | 'Mother & Child' by Jamie Dawson

    Today you are in for a treat as we introduce you to, Jamie Dawson a new artist to the Campbell Collective! 

    Jamie's, ‘Mother & Child’ collection arrives just in time for Mother's Day. These colorful works tell a story of the special bond shared between the mother and child.

    Brightly colored artwork layered together. 

    The artist states, “As someone who started out as an interior design major spending hours hand drafting blue prints, my eyes have always been drawn to the linear views and achitectural structures that make up the world around us. One of my favorite drawing exercises is blind contour and I use it often now when beginning a new piece because it allows the lines to breathe and leaves more room for interpertation. All of my paintings begin using the squeeze bottle technique to give a fluidity to the drawing. Using lines and the negative space that they form helps to create a new perspective, while filing in the spaes with color adds another dimension to make it less literal and more abstract. My intention is to push the viewer to discover what they see in my work, whether it be the presence of what is acutally there or the recognition of something that was unintentional.”

     We welcome you to view this special collection by visiting the link here.