• Artist Release | 'Jardins de Giverny' by Jennifer Allevato

    Artist Release | 'Jardins de Giverny' by Jennifer Allevato
    Today, Jennifer Allevato is sweeping us off our feet and to the beautiful gardens outside Monet's home in France!
    We can feel the warmth of the sun, the cool breeze and lovely bits of color that the gorgeous blooms have to offer to the eyes.
    Floral painting sitting on a dresser with a mirror behind it.
    The artist states, “My biggest source of inspiration this year has been my trip to Europe this Spring—and more specifically, my visit to Claude Monet’s house and gardens in Giverny, France. Exploring all the paths through the gardens, I slowly surveyed the flowers and plants while the warm sun shone down. Mature trees towered over the pond while carefully planned flower plantings bloomed in a way that made them seem wild and free. This new collection of paintings are all based off the hundreds of photos I took in Giverny, fully immersed in the colorful gardens of Monet’s home. The flowers, grasses, and plants all seem larger than life, as if a shrunken Alice herself were lost amongst Claude’s botanicals.”
    We invite you to take a stroll around the garden and discover a piece to treasure forever. Click here to shop now.
    Floral paintings layered together on the floor.