• Artist Release | 'Moments of Summer' by Shana Wanco

    Artist Release | 'Moments of Summer' by Shana Wanco
    Happy Thursday! We're releasing a fun collection by a new artist to the Campbell Collective, Shana Wanco from Columbia, South Carolina.
    Shana's works are vivid with rich colors that tell a story of personal experiences and special moments captured from her summer travels.
    Colorful illustrated paintings of summer moments.
    The artist states, “Travel has been a huge part of my summer, whether it was for clients or for personal reasons. We traveled so much in June that I was only home for eight days in the whole month. Throughout the travels, I encountered many items that brought me joy & sparked inspiration.
    It was surprising to look back on the inconspicuous items that stuck out to me on each phase of our travels. There were lovely plaid chairs in the client’s apartment we were lucky to stay in while in Boston, my husband ate the best tinned fish on our last night there & we explored all the Vermont lush greenery as we drove from little town to little town. My husband also took a trip to Canada to fish and I was very inspired by the photos he sent to me. The fish he caught weren’t always the prettiest, but the magic that was on my husband’s face when he was holding it was pretty special. Capturing that feeling of magic & exuberance that he had was important to me and I did so through the use of color. This summer was very vibrant, rich & bountiful, and the vibrating colors I chose for this collection reflect that."
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