• Artist Release | 'Lowcountry Landscapes' by Jeanne O'Neal

    Artist Release | 'Lowcountry Landscapes' by Jeanne O'Neal

    You all are in for a surprise today! We are releasing a beautiful collection of landscapes by our newest addition to the Collective, Jeanne O'Neal. 

    Jeanne's elegant landscapes embody the serene beauty of the lowcountry. We like the idea of adding one of these original paintings to a space where you want to feel more at peace and connected to nature.

     Lowcountry landscape art arranged as a flat lay.

    The artist states, “This series of Live Oak trees and marshes depict the sacred beauty that is within nature. Being near a Live Oak tree you feel strength and trust, and being near a marsh you feel wonder and calmness. (Unless you see an alligator?)"

     Head over to the site by clicking here to discover your favorite landscape!