• Artist Release | 'Last Light' by Meredith Piper

    Artist Release | 'Last Light' by Meredith Piper
    With the arrival of October, we're taking the opportunity to welcome yet another talented artist to the Collective! Today's beautiful release is by Greenville, South Carolina based artist, Meredith Piper.
    Meredith has created a soft and serene collection of coastal waterways that would be a peaceful addition to any space where you want to enjoy a moment of calm each day.
    Coastal watercolor paintings layered together on a rug.
    The artist states, “Last Light is inspired by the last light of the setting sun over the coastal waterways. This series is all about the mark making, and the nostalgia that the scent of salt can bring. Every gestural line helps inform the space while staying loose and unencumbered. There are lots of intentional marks, although fluid, these lines hold weight. Unlike the setting sun, this Last Light is not fleeting. These paintings will illuminate your walls both day and night."
    We invite you to explore these inspiring works here.