• Artist Release | 'Golden Hour' by Sam Chappell

    Artist Release | 'Golden Hour' by Sam Chappell
    Sam Chappell's new release today has us singing, ‘Golden’ by Harry Styles. Capturing the most beautiful, warm orange hues during that magical time of day tokened as, Golden Hour—that we all know and love so well.
    Coastal Beach and Marshland Paintings
    Sam has beautifully complimented the orange skies with the blue-greens of the coastal and marshland waters. Just one look and you'll be transported to the coast, summer breeze and all!
    The artist states, “Inspired by my favorite time of day, the Golden Hour collection tries to capture that end-of-day lighting that bathes the landscape in a warm glow, making everything a bit more vivid, alive, and magical."
    We invite you to shop these originals here and see what speaks to you!