• Artist Release | 'Fresh Air' by Jeanne O'Neal

    Artist Release | 'Fresh Air' by Jeanne O'Neal
    We're excited to be bringing you the new ‘Fresh Air’ collection by Jeanne O'Neal today!
    These beautiful paintings exude the simple elegance that is found in nature and the animal life of the low country. If you prefer something more traditional, this collection is for you!
    The artist states, “The “Fresh Air” series conveys a feeling of beauty for the senses. Each original oil painting is crafted with many hours of love and with long observations of nature. Imagine sitting in a boat or on a dock, smell the pluff mud, feel the wind in your hair, and taste the salt on your face. It is all the senses, including getting sunburned. Air—ambiance, presence, mood, atmosphere quality, tone."
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