• Artist Release | 'Floral Love Notes' by Marquin Campbell

    Artist Release | 'Floral Love Notes' by Marquin Campbell
    We have just released a lovely collection of ‘Floral Love Note’ collages by Marquin Campbell that you're sure to love!
    Valentine's Day will be here before we know it! Instead of flowers and chocolates that are only temporary, we suggest gifting one of these delightful, original works to your someone special.
    Floral collage art
    The artist states, “This collection of collaged florals is made out of old discovered love notes, painted papers, vintage printed collected materials, and bits of fabric. Each assemblage holds a unique story within it; there is more for the eye to see the longer the viewer pauses and fully takes in all of the compositional details. As we approach Valentine's Day, flowers are ubiquitous; But lasting flowers, like these arrangements, are perhaps the most symbolic expression of evergreen love.”
    Click here to scoop up your favorite before it's too late!