• Artist Release | 'Feminine Flowers' by Katie Brown

    Artist Release | 'Feminine Flowers' by Katie Brown
    We are so excited to be kicking off the month of July with our newest addition to the Collective, Katie Brown!
    Katie's ‘Feminine Flowers’ aren't just your typical blooms, each of the works in this collection is rich with gorgeous texture and has a fresh point of view. An ideal way to adorn your walls with fresh blooms year round!
    The artist states, “This collection is inspired not only by beautiful blooms, but the women in my life that taught me so much about them. As we enter the hot summer months with the South in full bloom, I am filled with nostalgia from childhood days spent working with my grandmother in her garden or watching my mother arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her mother's antique vase. Just like them, the florals in this collection are multi-faceted. While rich feminine hues represent their natural beauty, the strong simplified shapes of the blooms pack a punch. Layers and layers of thick paint used to form these strong shapes, just as years and years of life experience has shaped my favorite women."
    Click here to scoop up your favorites before they're gone!