• Artist Release | 'Birds' by Kristina Hoover

    Artist Release | 'Birds' by Kristina Hoover
    We are thrilled to share Kristina Hoover's, ‘Birds’ series with you today!
    This collection will have you hearing the birds' sweet songs of spring. Kristina has wonderfully combined color, texture and the beauty of the natural world in these prints.
    Two bird prints side-by-side.
    The artist states, “Inspired by the many birds I see everyday, this collection of winged creatures embodies the freedom, strength, and grace of the animal and us. They serve as our connection to the outside world whether at peace in it or soaring above it. Created from one block reduction woodcut or linocut. Each piece takes on its own persona full of color, lines and grace.” 
    We invite you to view and shop your favorites here!