• Artist Release | 'A Delicate Mess' by Laddie Neil

    Artist Release | 'A Delicate Mess' by Laddie Neil

    A fresh new release is in store for you today by Greenville, SC based artist, Laddie Neil! Laddie's new collection of abstracts are singing with the colors of summer and fun splashes, reminding of us of a fun coastal getaway. 

    Colorful Abstract Paintings

    The artist states, “In this collection I was thinking a lot about the delicacy of life. A 'delicate mess' as I started to call it. I tried to pay close attention to the line work and not keep it confined to a fine edge like I normally do. In these works I followed the mark intuitevely and paid close attention to not overworking the piece. The tension of wanting to 'fix' and 'correct' made me think of our livesa and all that we want to control, yet cannot. Which is what makes it beautiful. I tried to submit to the line and follow where it was leading."

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