• Artist Release | The Campbell Collective | Libby Baxter

    Artist Release | The Campbell Collective | Libby Baxter

    Libby Baxter joined the Amanda Louise Interiors team in 2019 as a Summer Intern right as we launched The Campbell Collective. Libby's hard work and creative eye made it evident that we needed her on our team long term. Now Libby is an integral part of our little business and we are beyond grateful for what she brings to the table.

    As much as we love having Libby as our "Everything Girl", she is first and foremost an artist! After graduating with a degree in Textile Design, Libby relocated to Greenville, S.C. to be a part of the growing art community here in the upstate. Textiles are her go to and weaving is her prefered process always - taking two distinct sets of yarn and interlacing them to form fabric in various patterns and textures. While tedious and time consuming, the weaving process produces vibrant pieces of art that think outside the box of paint and canvas.

    After a year of encouraging (okay, begging!), Libby has used her incredible eye for color to create a collection just for us! This series of paintings is inspired by the phrase "keep your head in the clouds and your feet on the ground". Libby explains,

    "It is an exploration of the balance between dreaming big and the reality needed to bring those dreams to life. These color studies represent opportunities for boldness, positivity, and endless possibilities."

    These painted stripes are sure to elicit feelings of both excitement and balance and, we may be biased, but we think they're is a place for them in every home! Oh, and this limited collection also includes 8x8 paintings as well - a TCC first!

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