Mementos of Summer, Five

Mementos of Summer, Five

Shana Wanco 

Acrylic on Paper, 5 x 7inches 

Travel has been a huge part of my summer, whether it was for clients or for personal reasons. Throughout the travels I encountered many items that brought me joy & sparked inspiration. We traveled to NYC, Charleston, the Biltmore Estate, Vermont for an artist retreat, Portsmouth, NH, Kittery, ME, Salem and Boston, as well as the Blue Ridge Mountains for our annual family camping trip. There were so many wonderful take aways from each trip, but the artist retreat was definitely one that stuck with me, mainly because of the people I met. I felt pushed, in a good way, by them to explore new-to-me methods and think differently about my approach to certain ways of creating. I wanted this collection to capture the summer I had by only using the items that reminded me of what I felt on each adventure, but I also wanted it to speak to most any viewer that saw the piece. I hope that someone can connect with the mementos and see their own beautiful summer in the artwork.This summer was very vibrant, rich & bountiful, and the vibrating colors I chose for this collection reflect that. 

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