Jelly Cake, Twelve

Jelly Cake, Twelve

Shana Wanco 

Acrylic Gouache on Paper, 11 x 14 inches 

'Vintage & retro style has always been an inspiration for me, & recently I paired my typical bright colors with some vintage style food. Jelly Cakes from the 1950s-70s were so out of the box & weird, which always makes for a great subject matter! My take on them is to tone down the weirdness a tad, but keep things like a big stick of butter & a flower sitting in a glass of wine to give a little bit of quirkiness to the pieces. Some nostalgia comes through these scenes, especially if you grew up with jelly cakes at your own dinner table. A table scene can tell a lot about a party that was just had & the people at it, so I hope viewers feel connected & get a sense of curiosity with these Jelly Cake gouache paintings.'

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