Grid- Like, One

Grid- Like, One

Lisa Kellner

16 x 20 inches Mixed Media on paper

"My work begins with a complete immersion into the natural world. I take my time to observe my surrondings, learning how nature conducts itsself daily. Living close to nature, in tune with the tides, the seasons and the weather, I go into my studio to create work with the same intensity of attunement. Grid-like is a series of work on paper, 16 by 20 inches that draws its cues from the “Grid”. Combining a painterly approach with a minimal aesthetic, this work seeks to find harmony between the two. In my work I am always looking for a sense of balance, but in unexpected ways. Undaunted, I will try new things - unexpected colors, accidental shapes and combining different elements - always in search of that place where the painting teeters on the edge between the unpredictable and the intentional. Inspired by nature, history and the spaces humans create for themselves, my paintings conflate place and structure with memory and perception. I draw upon the experiences of place and the tangible objects we see, make and hold on to, seeking to distill the perception of things down to their very essence."

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