Blank(eted) in Blue, Fourteen

Blank(eted) in Blue, Fourteen

Mary Hamby

Mixed Media on paper, 14 x 11 inches

"Blank(eted) in Blue is all about layers. Each original piece of art starts as a sheet of watercolor paper before getting blank(eted) in a rich layer of indigo cyanotype and developed under the slightly cloudy skies that inspired it. To finish, I add layers and layers of colorful paint, hand-stitched vibrant cotton borders and considered accents, and occasionally, a little glint of gold. The works in this series are designed to stand alone, but pair beautifully together in harmony, thanks to their compatible sizes and palettes. A striking balance of structure and whimsy, this series is one you'll want to view up close, as each piece is filled with thoughtful details to discover."

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