Petit à Petit- No. 1

Petit à Petit- No. 1

Audrey Gore

 9 x 12 Acrylics on acid-free, archival paper

"I painted these pieces inspired by the Bearded Irises growing throughout my neighborhood and my love for block print patterns. After I started this collection, I discovered the iris is the national flower of France, trans lates to ‘rainbow’ in Greek, and is symbolic of faith and hope. The day after I completed these pieces , I found myself in the hospital full of fear and uncertainty. I named this collection after the French phrase, "petit à petit", meaning little by little, as it parallel s my journey to recovery. My wish is that these paintings give you the same joy of seeing
a rainbow after the rain, the faith and hope that you need in life, and the feeling that each day will be better than the las t, even if it i s petit à petit."

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