Rooted, Seven

Rooted, Seven

Shana Grugan 

Acrylic  on Paper, 18 x 24 inches 

'I am an acrylic painter working on canvas, panel, and paper. My work is inspire by natural creation, mainly botanicals. It is the beauty on display that attracts me to the subject, but it is the process of how that beauty is manifest that has fascinated me. From the burying of the seed underground, its breaking and rooting downward, all before the first sign of life sprouts above the surface, there is much to explore behind the visible beauty. I look to reflect this natural process in my work by creating layers throughout each step of the process in creating a piece. Sometimes, the initial layers are left visible and other times they are covered, but exist nonetheless. I enjoy using mediums to build transparency, masking techniques, and scraping to arrive at a level of texture and depth on the surface. My hope is that the final image of beauty beckons the viewer to lean closer to ponder the process beneath it. In my current body of work, I seek to not only focus on the physical beauty of botanicals but to hone in on the delightful shapes of the shadows. Each shadow cast is a unique display, here to day and never to be replicated again. As the shadows move and change with time and as the plant grows, a new image is created. In a process that begins underground and unseen, a tangible and visible product is created. That product then creates an infinite amoumt of ever changing shadows that display beauty themselves. 'Rooted' is a collection of compositions exploring the premise of gathering the shadow shapes and rooting them in flattened contours of vessels. .'

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